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Parent Engagement Resources

A Desktop Guide to Engaging Families from Refugee Backgrounds in their Children’s Learning
The resource gives schools vital information about ways that families and schools can collaborate to meet the needs of students and their families from refugee backgrounds. The guide includes advice on everything from vital interpreting and translation services, to homework support and career planning.
Focusing on engaging parents from diverse backgrounds in their child’s education through tailored parent/teacher interviews and orientation sessions, the guide encourages parents to get involved in the classroom or school council.
aitsl - Student Voice
Student Voice is a place for both teachers and students to share the perspectives of young people on education and the ways in which young people are being provided with the opportunity to shape and influence their own learning.  From teachers sharing the ways in which they are developing learner agency by empowering students to manage their own learning to students reflecting on what engages them in learning and why, the videos shared on Student Voice provides a chance for all members of the education community to demonstrate the value of meaningful learning partnerships with young people.
CEOM Parent Engagement in Action Guide and Tool
The Parent Engagement in Action resource guides school leaders through a process of reflection and evaluation focusing on parental engagement across four key focus areas: Relationships, Learning, Leadership, and Reflection. It consists of two components: The Guide and The Toolkit.
It is desiged to assist school leaders and teachers to examine what they are doing well to engage parents in learning, and where they can improve. Leaders can use the Parent Engagement in Action resource to help their parish and school community form a deeper understanding of parent engagement. They are offered a selection of tools to assist with the collection and analysis of existing and new data around parent engagement, including the School Improvement Framework data. There is as much emphasis on formal data and research as there is on local information and knowledge. School leaders are encouraged to use the information gathered through this resource to evaluate and plan for improvement.
CEO Sandhurst - For Parents
DEECD - FUSE learning resource
FUSE is a Department of Education and Early Childhood Development (Victoria, Australia) learning resource for parents, teachers and students in early childhood, primary and secondary school level.
Foundation House
Foundation House provides support for refugees and asylum seekers who have experienced torture and trauma prior to their arrival in Australia.  Foundation House develops publications and resources to enhance the understanding of the needs of people from refugee backgrounds among health and other professionals, government and the wider community. Recently produced publications encompass areas such as refugee health and wellbeing, school and education resources and curriculum material.
Family-School & Partnerships Bureau
The Family-School & Community Partnerships Bureau has been set up to help Australian schools, families and communities build sustainable, collaborative, productive relationships.  The Bureau provides a number of tools and resources to assist parents, school principals and others initiate conversations about family-school relationships, and to support them so that they can grow into real, sustainable partnerships. Through research the Bureau identifies and promotes examples of good practice.

Learning Potential
An Australian Givernment initiateive, Learning Potential has lots of useful tips and ideas to help you make the most of those small opportunities in your busy day to be part of and help your child's learning.  Download the App.
Meeting Point - Common Ground, Common Good
The Common Ground, Common Good resource was developed with schools and others in the education and community sectors, and is a practical resource to provide schools with a starting point to examine the important question of student inclusion.  Meeting Point is a joint initiative of the Catholic Education Office Melbourne, the Independent Education Union Victoria Tasmania, the Australian Catholic University, Good Shepherd Youth and Family Service, Catholic Social Services Victoria, and the Brigidine Secondary Schools Council, operating within a framework of inclusivity and the promotion of personal and community wellbeing since 1997.
An initiative of the Catholic Council of Catholic School Parents NSW/ACT, Partners4Learning (P4L) provides a portal through which teachers, school administrators and parents can gain access to research, case studies, advice, a bank of practical resources and professional development to support enhanced parent, family and community partnerships within and between school communities.

Parents as partners in Indigenous children's learning
A report by Denis Muller & Associates for the Family-School & Community Partnerships Bureau exploring eight examples of innovative and effective partnerships between schools and Indigenous families and communities.
Parental engagement in learning and schooling: Lessons from research
This paper launched by Minister Pater Garrett on December 5, 2012, pulls together the research on parental engagement, highlights the benefits, demonstrates what works, adn identifies strategies avialable to facilitate parent engagement in primary and secondary schools.
Strengthening Family and Community Engagement in Student Learning Resource
The Strengthening Family and Community Engagement in Student Learning Resource is a ‘toolkit’ of practical resources for school communities, designed to be used as part of a school’s planning and improvement cycle.

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